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Dismembered International


Takuya, a psychiatrist, finds himself tied up at the beginning of this story, at the hands of one of his obsessive patients. After she has her way with him, her deranged mind decides to take a keepsake from him: his manhood. After months of rehab and a successful transplant, Takuya is back to his normal self... and then some. His sex life with his wife, Saori, is reinvigorated and better than ever. Just as Takuya fully gains his confidence back, he starts to have visions of a strange woman that hes never met. Unable to shake these visions, Takuya goes to visit the woman, inexplicably knowing where she lives. He slowly begins to realize that this woman was in love with the man that donated his package after his death, and that hes also slowly losing his own identity. Dismembered answers the age old question: does a man think with his big head or his little head?