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A Big Wager: Part 2 Gay


Its round 2 and this time is Dougs turn to get some of that sweet ass Liam is offering up. These skater boys love the dick and all the dick they can get in one day. After Jacques leaves the room Doug comes on in and sees Liam sprawled out on the bed naked full of dry cum on his chest. Doug walks in drops his shorts and lets Liam suck on his throbbing cock. Liam will be deciding who the best fuck is and who pounded him the hardest. Doug might be the winner the way he has been handling Liams ass and mouth. All geared up with a raging boner Doug dives deep into Liams eager ass. He wants it rough and hard, fast and deep as Doug is striving to be the winner. Liam rides that long thick cock like a champ and then is laid out on his back just right so he can bust another load all over himself. Doug, seeing all the cum just shooting out from Liam, pulls his cock out and blasts like a broken sprinkler all over the place dowsing Liam with the juices. Once all is done Doug calls Jacques back into the room for the final verdict but Liam suggests that maybe all three of them at the same time might help him decide the winner. Enjoy!