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Abigail Loves Anikka BigTits


Hey everyone, its Abigail Mac. I want to tell you about this fantasy that Ive been having. Its with one of my good friends, shes super super sexy. Her name is Anikka Albrite. Just thinking about her just makes me tingle and um, its something Ive never done before. Its something that I never had experienced or even tried. Its Anal. And, I mean Ive never done anal before, but I feel like with her, and all of her experiences with it and her amazing round ass it would just be perfect. I mean I keep have these thoughts of her just touching me, and you know playing with my pussy and playing with my ass and she licks it and sticks her tongue deep in there and just makes me go crazy! Im nervous, I dont know if I can even take anything in there but I dont know I kind of want to. I know I want to with her. Im just so attracted to her. I can just see just her shoving that toy in me, and just me wanting it and wanting it more. I think itd be so hot. I think it would feel really really good. I dont know though I mean would you guys want to see that?