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Skater Fuck Hairy


Dante Drackis is in his workshop doing some repair work on his skateboard when Jeremy Spreadums comes walking in. Jeremy has come to pick him up to go to the beach and go boogie boarding. He tells Dante that he is not much of a skater and asks what he is doing. Dante shows him how he is pitting the wheels back on the board and Jeremy makes a couple innuendos/jokes about the nut and it being tight. Dante picks up on Jeremys not-so-subtle sexual hints and the two start kissing. Soon their shirts are off and Jeremy has made his way to his knees and opens up Dantes pants and starts sucking his cock. After a while Dante sucks Jeremys cock. Jeremy then bends Dante over the table and starts rimming his ass. He then fucks Dante bent over the table for a while. Dante then rims Jeremy and does a great job with his tongue. He then fucks Jeremy bent over a chair. He pulls out and shoots his cum onto Jeremys ass. Jeremy then jerks his cock and shoots all over Dantes hairy chest.