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Office Romance Gay


John Magnum and Sean Harding are sitting in his office and it is obvious that John is irritated about something. He tells Sean that he loves him, but that there are rumors starting to circulate at work about him having an affair with a co-worker. At this point, nobody knows that it is the two of them, but he is concerned because he is up for a big promotion soon and does not want to jeopardize it. He tells Sean to please keep it a secret until after he gets the promotion. Sean agrees and starts massaging Johns shoulders to help him de-stress. Soon, Seans hands are wandering and unbuttoning Johns shirt. Unable to resist Seans charm, John gives in and soon Sean is sucking his big cock and deep throating him. John face fucks him for a while before both get out of their clothes and John sucks Seans big cock. Sean then rides Johns cock in his office chair for a while, before John bends him forward and fucks him doggy style over his desk. He then puts Sean on his back and fucks him had and deep until Sean shoots his load and then drops to his knees so John and can fees his cum to him. Enjoy!