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Women s World: Part One Facesitting


Lisa (Kenna James) is a bride-to-be... and is stressed beyond belief. It seems like everything is going wrong with the preparations for her upcoming wedding day, and she cant understand why shes stuck trying to manage every crisis on her own. How much more is she supposed to take?Meanwhile, Sofia (Marica Hase) is hosting a dinner party at her house. But even though she is surrounded by friends, there is a heaviness in her heart, because of her marriage situation. She WISHES things could be different. Sofias friend Karen (Victoria Voxxx) offers her some advice, but the other dinner guests are appalled at Karens narrow-minded attitude. One of Sofias other friends, Tanya (Jewelz Blu), tries to change the subject by talking about her own lousy love life, but Karen starts to ruin the conversation again. The remaining dinner guests, Sarah (Candice Dare) and Jenn (Christy Love), find an excuse to sneak away. It seems that Sarah and Jenn have a secret, but what could it be?Elsewhere, various women are having problems of their own... A pair of lesbian lovers, Julie (Spencer Bradley) and Rebecca (Destiny Cruz), have to keep their relationship hidden because of their intolerant families. They longingly WISH that their families would accept them for who they are. A hairdresser, Amanda (Alexis Tae), has a crush on her coworker Tanya, and WISHES that Tanya would give up on men. Amandas friend Amber (Alison Rey) has the opposite problem, because her insatiable appetite for lesbian sex is getting her into all kinds of trouble.As we return to Lisa, she is frustrated and exhausted from trying to deal with her upcoming wedding. Her fiance hasnt been lifting a finger to help, leaving Lisa to do EVERYTHING - and now everyone treats her like shes a bridezilla. She just WISHES her fiance would be more involved.So many women, with so many wishes! Alas, all those hopes and dreams cant be fulfilled overnight... or can they? When Lisa gets up the next day, the world seems... different. But as Lisa has bizarre encounters with Morgan (Alex Coal), Alex (Vanessa Vega), and Rose (Karla Lane), it seems that nobody else thinks anything has changed! Things get even more puzzling when a beautiful stranger (Mocha Menage) appears in Lisas home. Who is this mysterious woman, and whats going to happen with Lisas wedding?