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Distraction Action Gay


Marcus is busy finishing up some work on his laptop when JR comes into the room checking to see if he is done. Marcus still has awhile to go and JR is not happy with this so begins to flaunt around the room trying to get his attention, but its just not working. JR leaves the room and comes back in only some tight white briefs and a feather duster. He begins to bend over purposely sticking his ass out in front of Marcus to get his attention. He prances from one side of the room to the other but Marcus has now begun to take some sneak peeks. With one final attempt, JR bends over moving his ass side to side while cleaning and Marcus has had enough so he puts his computer away and rips down JRs undies and begins to clean that ass. Face first deep inside JRs ass ,Marcus is eating away at the buffet. He fucks JRs mouth for some time and they switch roles for a bit but it only lasts for a short time since Marcus is horned up and ready to pound JRs smooth bubbly ass. Marcus bends him over the couch and stretches his ass out and bangs away. After a few positions Marcus fucks the cum right out of JR and leaves him with a hot mess of his own as well. Enjoy!