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On a Spit Gay


When Princeton Price accidentally finds roomie Lance Fords dildo underneath the bed, Lance is embarrassed but explains it was part of his sex life with his ex. He piques Princetons interest when he mentions getting spit roasted. Princeton wonders what hes talking about, so Lance shows him, mounting him the dildo to the wall. Princetons dick gets hard at the thought as Lance begins to blow him, simultaneously easing back against the dildo as it presses into him. Princeton grabs his head and pushes it down further onto his cock, watching the dildo stretch Lances hole open. Ready to fuck, he throws Lance onto the bed, eating his ass before sliding his bareback cock into Lance. Lance reaches back and grabs his ass, spreading his cheek and showing off his hole as Princeton pounds his bubble butt into submission. Princeton fucks him all over the bed until a sweaty Lance can hold it no longer. He unleashes his load as Princeton jizzes all over him, both of them exhausted and out of breath as they fall onto the bed.Enjoy!