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Daddy S Jock Gay


Jack Dyer and Jay are in the bedroom and Jack wants to know if Jay is wearing what he asked him to, his Jock Strap. Jay Donahue tells him yes and they start making out and Jack pulls off his jeans and takes in his boys jock and nice hairy body. Jack starts sucking Jays hard cock and licking his pre-cum. Jay wants to see his Daddys jock strap, but Jack makes him wait and beg for it before pulling off his jeans. He then rolls Jay onto his back and rims his ass deep before pulling off Jays jock strap and making him smell it while he feeds him his cock. After going back and forth with each other sucking and smelling each other, Jack turns his attention to Jays hairy ass and he rims his hole. He then fucks Jay from behind while feeding his jock strap to him. Jay then flips on his back and Jack fucks him and sucks his toes at the same time. They fuck until Jay blows his load and then Jack shoots his.