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Fresh Facial Spanking


Blonde beautiful anglo angels Noah White and Luke Allen were attempting to spend a quiet evening at home but were overcome with each others sexiness and decided to make it a nasty night in! The tight bodies twosome steam up the screen in a super hot and horny make out session with the energy of some high school hotties! Noah usually feels most comfortable with a dick down his throat and soon enough hes on his knees enjoying every inch of lucky boy Luke. No boyfriend fantasy would be complete without purely perfect blowjob reciprocation. Luke lavishes his BFs twinkie with some seriously hot deep throat action and Noah sounds SUPER hot with his aggressive verbal encouragement! Noah takes control even more, bending Allen over and sniffing his hind end while eating his perfect ass. Grabbing a bunch of lube, White wiggles his way inside while making sure his bottom keeps his back arched for him. Then hopping over the couch like a gymnast Noah barks out, come sit on my dick! Luke hops over, then hops on the dick and bounces like a baby while Noah pulls his alabaster cheeks apart for us. Switching it up with a little love spank, Luke lays into Noahs nether regions. White must get his name from loving to be plowed like the freshly driven snow because Luke blasts his ass ALL over the apartment as White whacks his wang. Noahs moans get louder. Announcing his epic cum shot he yells Im cumming hard! Then orders his BF to fuck him even harder! And Allen DOES, finishing all over Noahs angelic face. White ends up COVERED in white and its wonderful.