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Big Tit Strap Facesitting


Just 19, Dylan Phoenix is a hot-assed minx with a tiny waist, extensive tattoos and short, bleached blonde hair. Muscular Kurt Lockwood teaches wrestling moves that put her in dominant positions. Flexing her biceps as they make out turns him on. Dylan smothers him in pierced boobs and by sitting on his face. She sucks cock and stuffs his ass with her nipple, and then four fingers. Dylan tongues his boy pussy, preparing it for her black strap-on dildo. Through a thorough pegging, irrepressible Dylan and horny Kurt exchange nasty, non-PC shit-talk. He fucks and chokes her as she strokes her harnessed phallus. In 69 position, he sucks dildo ass-to-mouth as she tongues bunghole. With her thick prick buried in his rectum, Dylan launches ribbons of thick spunk. She kisses the mess into his mouth!