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Get Free Keep2Share Premium days on GetFreeDays.com. Activate k2s premium promo code now and enjoy this new video for free. [GetFreeDays.com] Feeling Blue New by bondagechik is a free Clips4Sale preview that can be described by the following tags: bdsm,bondage,struggle,ballgagged,gagged,damsel,helpless,pump gag,gag,gag talk,struggling,gagged women,tied up,leather,hood,bondagechik,spanish porn,dutch porn,zavatrash.xxx,fc2,peachesdoe97,xfantazy,keep2share,fantasy porn,sexo,hd porn,clips4sale . Bondagechik should have known better than to show up for a lingerie modeling gig at a shady hotel with a photographer that had no references... Now, she's strapped up with a bunch of leather belts and cuffs, fitted with a collar, and silenced with a nice blue ball gag. This certainly isn't the kind of lingerie shoot she was expecting. The photographer was nice enough to leave her in stunningly sexy, blue lingerie too (which matches her gag nicely). Bondagechik is no stranger to being restrained of course, but with the belts pulled tight and her bindings locked with padlocks, this time it's a bit much. What makes matters worse, is that all her struggles do is earn her increasingly more difficult bondage. After she struggles for a bit with her ball gag, her captor slips a big leather blindfold over her eyes. Her gag gets an upgrade too, with the blue ball being replaced by a thick, heavy pump gag that's strapped tight and pumped until her jaw aches to make her protests all the m