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Get Free Keep2Share Premium days on GetFreeDays.com. Activate k2s premium promo code now and enjoy this new video for free. [metadoll.to] Fried and Busted New by Miss Isobel Devi is a free Clips4Sale preview that can be described by the following tags: cattle prod,glasses,alternative model,bdsm,boot fetish,cock kicking,boots,pvc,bondage,bulgarian model,female supremacy,ballbusting,sadist,caged,cbt,cock whipping,ball gag,dominatrix,humiliation,cock caning,femdom,Miss Isobel Devi,spanish porn,dutch porn,zavatrash.xxx,fc2,peachesdoe97,xfantazy,keep2share,fantasy porn,sexo,hd porn,clips4sale . Part Three This unworthy piece of dirt is only good for one thing, providing a solid target for me to crack my whip at and kick with my big shiny boots. Indeed sinking my nails into his pathetic little balls and hearing the panic in his voice is just barely sweet enough for me to withhold from ripping them off and shoving them up his ass. Today he is hanging up to dry. The cage has been his lounge for a vicious cock whipping and it will remain so until I am done having mine. First the cattle prod; It is true rapture to watch him thrash and hear him howl after that brief “ZZZ”. So of course he gets two zaps, right to the testicles, before the kicks rain down on him. There are hardly enough bruises on this cock for my fancy. YOU MAY ALSO ENJOY: Post Chastity Treatment