Vina – udder expansion*-0
Vina – udder expansion*-1
Vina – udder expansion*-2
Vina – udder expansion*-3
Vina – udder expansion*-4
Vina – udder expansion*-5
Vina – udder expansion*-6
Vina – udder expansion*-7
Vina – udder expansion*-8
Vina – udder expansion*-9

Vina – udder expansion*


Many people ask us how we got Vina’s udders to go from this to this. Well, there are a lot of factors, like good quantities of cattle food, massages, sexual stimulation, and of course pumping. The best way to expand udders is to use a bra with breast cups that can be hooked up to a pumping system like the electronic breast training machine. As you can clearly see in this video, this expands the udders by quite a lot. In fact, the cups are already getting too small for Vina, especially for her left udder. Her right udder is still a bit behind on development. Don’t worry if your HuCow’s udders don’t develop at the same rate, it is perfectly normal to have two udders of slightly different size.