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The Office Flirt


Working at an office can get you into some trouble especially when there is an office flirt roaming around. Thats the case this week. Claudia has heard stories about Commando, and every time she hears a new one she becomes more and more intrigued with what she hears. one day while engaging into small talk with him someone bumped his elbow causing him to spill his coffee on her blouse, Commando quickly offered to help clean up the mess. but claudia decided to go to the rest room and do it herself. little did she know that commando would sneak in while she was topless in the restroom and sneak a peek. but unfortunately for Commando his phone rang and Claudia quickly recognized his phone. at first she was shocked but quickly she became aroused with the idea that Commando wanted to try her out. she went into his office topless and seduced her way into his pant.