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Remastered: Margarita


In this classic episode of Bang Bus they fellas decide to switch shit up a bit. They brought along Margarita with them to hunt for 1 lucky son of a bitch to get fucked by the chick this time. Margarita is of Puerto Rican decent and she&039;s got awesome tits. Latina tits!! After cruising for a while and almost giving up they find a young man by the name of Morgan. Morgan looks like a young Meat Loaf (the singer). He&039;s hesitant at first, but eventually is convinced to hop on the Bus for the ride of his lifetime. Morgan had no idea what he was in for on this fateful day, but we gave Morgan Margarita to play with and he was overjoyed. Meat Loaf fucks the shit out of Margarita just the way she likes and all with the world is right again.