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The Not So Routine Checkup


Poor Tony, all he wanted was a simple checkup on a previous back injury. It should have been simple: go in, wait for the doctor, have some x-rays taken, hopefully receive the good news that everything has healed properly, and be on his merry way. Unfortunately for him nothing ever works that simple when you enter into the world of the Milf. The visit started off nice enough; he signs in takes a seat and sees the lovely Sienna. They exchange looks, they smile, and then he gets called in to see the doctor. So far so good. Then he finds the perverted nurse from hell who for some reason has this urge to stick her two fingers full of Vaseline up his ass, saying its routine for the checkup. Which is odd seeing as he’s here to check up on a back injury. Luckily the doctor comes in before this insane nurse can have her way with poor Tony. The doctor tells him they’re going to prep the x-ray machine and to wait and be patient. Meanwhile, Sienna has been thinking about Tony and has come up with her own little plot to sabotage his visit to the doctor to fulfill her own needs. You guys are gunna love what she comes up with! Oh and that pesky nurse comes back to cause some more trouble as well.