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Gorgeous brunette Yasmina stands naked facing the mirror, applying blusher, wriggling her slim figure into a sexy black bodice before making her way to her bed to lie in front of her webcam. She poses for the camera, moving and swaying, stroking her beautiful breasts through her underwear, slowly undressing. Easing her straps down her shoulders, the horny Russian babe toys with her titties, pulling them to her mouth, sucking on her nipples. She grabs the camera and takes it onto the bed with her, lying on her back and filming herself as she unbuttons the clasps over her pussy and strokes her clit. Hot and horny, Yasmina puts the camera back and spreads herself out on the bed, legs wide open, her fingers rubbing at her wet pussy. Reaching for her rubber cock, she straddles the thick toy and rides it hard and fast, her body shuddering in ecstasy.

1 PM