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Have a Three-Way


When Eric arrives at the Nuru Massage Parlor he tells his sexy masseuse Annie that he has been very stressed out lately and needs to relax. She has a perfect plan to fully relax him. She takes him to the room, strips him naked and gently strokes his cock. Her hand feels so good he is rock hard in seconds. She leads him to the shower where she washes his body then sits him in the Sukebe chair. With one hand she strokes his cock and with the other she strokes his balls. Eric's troubles are all but gone when she takes him to the mattress, covers both their bodies in Nuru gel and slides her hot body up and down his. She spins around on him and deepthroats his cock while sliding her sweet, tight pussy right onto his face. As he licks her she lets him fuck her mouth and it doesn't take long before he fires a hot load right down her very talented throat.