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Red Dress 2


Gorgeous Elouisa has such striking good looks and a statuesque figure - she could pass for a supermodel with her sizzling sensuality. She poses in her sexy red dress, jet-black hair flowing around her as the fans blow hard, catching the hem of her dress, lifting it, exposing her pretty red panties. She pulls her dress open, revealing her beautiful small breasts, hands roaming over her body. Soon her playful nature turns to more erotic touching and her fingers find their way inside her panties, rubbing at her clit as she stands. She strips naked, kneeling and exploring, caressing her breasts, her fingers sliding between the shaved folds of her sex, rubbing at her slit. She wants you to enjoy every inch of her sexual satisfaction, turning to kneel and lean forward, knees apart, her finger drilling into her hole, pink lips peeled open with lust.