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Anie Darling


Anie Darling is 18 years old (or as some like to say barely legal), but while she may be young, she definitely has the womanly charms we admire. She starts the scene in a blue and red sheathe dress, black stiletto heels, and she's sucking on a rubber cock. So while her face may look innocent enough, we kinda get the idea that we're not going to get a tame show. And indeed, as soon as she sits on the white leather chair, she turns on her side, hitches up her dress, and starts fingering her vagina past pulled-aside white panties. She looks young, shaved clean, tight and absolutely delicious. But that rubber cock is not small, and when she looks us right in the eye and pushes that plastic dong into her pussy, we see that we were 3/4 correct: she is young, shaved clean and very delicious.Now most girls will look down at what they're doing to themselves, but Darling Anie barely ever breaks eye contact. She doing nasty things to herself, and watching how we react. After a lot of probing with fingers and dildo, and some delightful sideways spreads, she sits up, and lifts the dress off (the pattern was little read hearts, I love it!). Of course, she's got no brassiere on, she doesn't need one, and she leans back and fondles her firm breasts and pussy while spreading her legs for us. She gives us a demure two finger V-finger spread before licking her fingers and sliding them in and out of her vagina for us (and she has the prettiest natural pink gape, just big enough to hint at what's to come).After some more deep probing with the dildo (with gasping breaths as she inserts it, and delicious pull-out shots), she gets down to the business of showing us the pink bits in exquisite detail. She does a reach-around spread, and then inserts two fingers and stretches her cunt-hole open wide for us. She also swirls her fingers around inside, stretching more and more, so that each time the dildo goes in, it goes in easier, and each time it comes out and she stretches herself open with her fingers, she stretches a little wider. And guys, there are some lovely wet sound effects as she massages the inside of her vagina!She finishes the scene with an vocal orgasm, first grabbing her tits hard and then massaging her clit while thrusting the dildo in and out. And to say goodbye, she gives us a nice closeup of an engorged and happy pink pussy, glistening with natural juices, all the ripples and folds pulled open for us to see. She may be barely legal, but she definitely has the womanly charms we admire!The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: ANIE DARLING - September 15, 2016.