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Pierced Omanko


This video starts out with a bang. Biana is facing away from the camera, butt-cheeks pulled open so that this first thing we see is her gaping wide cunt. Her wetness is obvious as Biana stretches herself open again and again, gently clenching and unclenching her vaginal muscles. Not a bad start, but it gets better when the camera zooms in and it is wall-to-wall pussy, and then we have an alternating series of closeups and full-body shots. But always, that yawning pink hole is at the center of our focus.Then Bianca turns around, and with a sultry look on her face, grabs the wire gizmo, licks it, gets into an in-your-face squat, and slowly slides it deep into her omanko, mechanically holding open her pretty pink love-tunnel. She holds it with both hands so that she can give us the perfect angle to look deep inside her. For a moment the camera pans up to her face, so we see perky tits and a gasping look of pleasure in her eyes, before the camera returns to where our eyes want to be—her opened cunt.Bianca gently withdraws and reinserts the gizmo, slow-fucking herself so we can see her vaginal walls retreating and opening with each stroke. All of the ripples in her stretchy vagina are revealed in intimate closeup (it is hard to imagine anything more intimate that a woman spreading her innermost secrets open for us) and we can easily see when the gizmo hits bottom and Bianca is as open as can be. We also see Bianca orbiting the gizmo around to touch every bit if her insides, while she looks at us with that sultry stare, before finally blowing us gentle kiss.The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: PIERCED OMANKO - November 22, 2016.