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Busty Lucy Li loves to watch herself in her own movies – knowing they turn you on turns her on too. Today, the voluptuous beauty has dressed for the occasion in sexy black lingerie, stockings and garters, a real treat. She gets off on watching herself getting off, rubbing her big titties through her bra. Placing her tablet on the coffee table, she gets down on the floor and takes off her bra to play with those big, juicy, ripe breasts. She stands and snaps her garter straps open, losing the belt and sliding her panties down, shaking her hot peachy ass at the camera. Bending over, she grabs her ass and spreads herself open, fingers pulling her pussy lips apart, showing it all, so horny for some fun. Kneeling on the floor, she leans back and gets her fingers around her pussy, squeezing her lips and moistening her hole. She loves to play with her pussy, grinding her fingers around and around, spreading her juice all over herself, teasing herself to a climax.

Lucy li