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Oil For Pleasure


Alluring Tanya Fay is dressed in a white slip, her nipples visible through the thin silk. She takes a bottle of oil and sprays it onto her smooth skin. The slip comes off fast as she opens the bottle to pour oil over her beautiful breasts, making her dark nipples spring up stiff and perky. The oil soaks into her panties, a thin strip of dark pubic hair showing through the lace, and she tugs them off to lie in her seat naked and shining under the bright lights. She spreads oil all over her body, making her skin glisten, making her body tingle with delight. Her hands slide over her pussy, fingers slipping over her clit as she turns herself on, hands eager to tease her slick slit. She takes to her bed, one hand caressing her breasts as the other rubs and grinds over her clit, her body reacting to her sensual touches, ass cheeks clenching and unclenching as her hips buck, overwhelmed by the powerful sensations.