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Barbara Bieber


Another new... umm... face to PJGirls, here is Barbara Bieber. Clad all in white with nude sheers, with a really nice set of abdominal muscles and a firm waist, she is reclining on a couch with her ample bosom practically bursting out of her tight white top. And she fixes the practically part by eliminating the almost component and releases her two girls for a quick massage. The it is back on to her side where she reveals and then quite noisily fingers her sticky wet pussy (lots of moist sounds are heard, along with her heavy breathing). But the panties are too restricting, so they come off and she continues to slide her fingers over her asshole and pussy for a little while before doing some nice side spreads.Barbara has long inner labia, and we are treated to some shots of her spreading them, and some shots of them hanging down, before she sits on the couch facing us, reaches underneath, and gives us the gape that we've been waiting and hoping for. There is something very alluring about a woman frankly staring at us, with breasts pointing at us, and an opened vagina pointing at us. No matter where you look, she looks back without shame or embarrassment, and as if to say Go ahead, look at me! Look in me! My body is yours, my open cunt is for your pleasure... As she breathes in and out her vagina moves in synchrony, and when the camera pans up to her eyes, her hair is delightfully unkempt, falling over here eyes, but there is no hair obscuring the view of her yawning pink love-hole as she turns her hips back and forth.We get a nice long look at this before she sits down and gives us some juicy four-finger spreads. At one point you can clearly hear (over the singing birds in the background) her cunt opening up inside, as she pulls with her fingers and it says splllkkk :-) Barbara also does something fun, where she grabs her labia minor and pulls forward (instead of aside), stretching her vagina in a novel way. And for you watch from behind fans, there is no disappointment as she points her ample buttocks towards us , jiggles her cheeks, and then gapes wide. Her long inner labia frame her yawning vagina, and once again we can clearly hear that wet, slurpy sound as her cunt opens all the way up inside (we hear it a lot, it is quite hot!), and there are lots more deep 4-finger gapes, with a wet pink hole pointed right at us, framed by darker roast-beef curtains.Like I said, its always nice to see a new... umm... face!The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: BARBARA BIEBER - April 12, 2016.