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The famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you. And when you stare into the deep abyss of Luca's relaxed open cunt, it stares back at you. Nietzsche meant it as a warning concerning madness, but we're not worries about insanity, we're only worried that the abyss will stop looking at us (for then the gaping vagina we all desire will be closed). Don't worry, you can rewind or pause the video and stare into the abyss as long as you like!At 36 years old, Luca Bella has seen enough mileage so that when she spreads, she gapes; and when she gapes... you know that you're looking at a high-capacity pussy (in other words: exactly what we like to look at, and she likes showing it).This video is a little different that the usual PJGirls video–it starts with Luca sliding her panties aside, but quickly goes to a rear view of her wide spread. Her moist vagina opens wide as she gently practices her Kegels, delicately clneching and unclenching her muscles, so that she never quite closes up, but simply wetly opens and closes, giving us deep looks inside her. Then Luca spends a long time in my personal favorite pose, squatting and spreading her vagina wide open. She gives us ample opportunity to stare into her beautiful pink abyss. She also gives us some deep two-finger probing and stretching, so that she sticks her fingers in as deep as they can go and then slowly pulls out and stretches. We get a little crazy looking at her round vaginal opening, her large and slightly vertically slitted peehole... and she obviously is enjoying showing it to us.FInally, she lays back and with her legs spread wide in an M shape, continues to gape her cunt open for us—with one-handed stretches, four finger stretches, deep pink gapes, and the sharply focussed gynecological closeups you have come to expect from PJGirls. Luca also swirls a finger around inside her rippling vagina while her other fingers hold that very wet cunt open. Her soft moans are delightful, and you can tell from the way she is naturally wet how much she is enjoying having her vaginal abyss look back at us.The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: LUCA BELLA - April 19, 2016.