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In our survey, more than half of you said you liked the special toys, so here is Luca Bella with the wire gizmo opening up her big beautiful cunt for us. She starts in a burgundy-colored camisole with thigh-high taupe stockings, but the camisole drops quickly so she can massage her small firm breasts for us. The camisole also come up to expose her smooth pussy, as she sits facing us with legs spread wide, and just a hint of the gape to come.She luxuriously massages her fleshy labia, and you can see how she stimulates her clit without touching it directly (at least, not yet), but she is already glistening wet as her hands slide around, spreading and compressing, and masturbating herself to readiness. And you ask, readiness for what? To slide off the couch into a squat, and gape wide for us, as she does so well, her wet open hole staring at us as shamelessly as her eyes. She knows what we want, and she loves giving it to us (the shiny wetness of her vagina proves that!). Then she gets back on the couch and treats us to some yawning wide side spreads of that heavenly pink hole, before lying on her back and spreading. Her stockings and camisole elegantly frame her wide-open vagina as she spreads from the outside and then from the inside with some deep four-finger stretches (the way she lustfully looks at us is a real sly turn-on).But as beautiful as Luca is, lying on her back, fingers spreading herself open in the wide shots you all say you love, she wants more (so do we!), so the wire gizmo is revealed and then hidden again deep inside her cunt. It is a little tricky to insert, but suddenly Luca looks at us with that sly smile, and you know its diving deep. And now its time for the closeups. Her peehole is beautifully distended, positioned between two of the loops of the gizmo, and you can see all the ripples of her vagina as the gizmo is slowly thrust in and out. You can also see Luca's juices oozing around the toy as she strokes her clit and labia, and moans softly.WOW (a Woman Opened Wide) is our favorite thing, and Luca does not disappoint!The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: WIRED MILF - April 28, 2016.