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Hidden Lust


It doesn't matter what she's doing, Melody Wylde looks gorgeous. She could be ironing shirts in the breeze and she'd still look 100 percent beautiful. And you know that when she's doing that ironing, she's still horny as hell. She puts down the iron and smiles at the camera, turning around to help the wind whip her skirt up over her peachy ass. Lust takes control of her and she eases that skirt off her hips, wriggling her perfect ass, then pulls down her top, dark nipples springing free stiff and so sexy. She takes her panties off and sits down with her legs spread, shaved pussy revealed, both hands tenderly playing around her lips. She spreads them apart, hot pink interior revealed, and dives one finger up inside her tight slit, coming back to rub it over her hard nipples. With big brown sexy eyes, she looks up, mouth open, masturbating hard.