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Lovely, long-legged blonde Lisa Dawn has just made it to her hotel room. She travels light and she travels sexy in a classic little black dress and heels, and when she lifts her dress up over her sweet ass, she lets you know that she only wears the skimpiest of panties underneath. She takes to her bed for a lie down after the long journey, a rest that soon turns to something a little more involving as her hands roam over her fabulous figure, stroking her hips and thighs, feeling their way over her round ass and up to her beautiful breasts. Her eager strokes have her sitting up in no time, tweaking her nipples stiff and sliding a hand inside her panties. Holding on to the wrought iron bed frame, she runs a finger between her slim pussy lips, her body writhing in response. Losing herself in sexual ecstasy, she drives two fingers inside her tight hole, frigging fast and furious, eyes closed, mouth wide open, hot for the final release.