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Slow penetration


Some women are just natural gapers, and we're happy to say that Lucia is one of these women! She opens up beautifully when she spreads her pussy lips apart, but even when she moves her hands away, as long as her legs are spread wide, you get to see a beautiful relaxed open hole.The show starts with Lucia on the stairs, facing away from us. With the camera aiming upwards, she spreads her butt-cheeks, which in turn opens her cunt. She doesn't need to bend over much, but when she reaches in and spreads her already-moist and smoothly shaved labia apart, that glistening pink tunnel beckons... Then, still standing and now facing us, she repeats the open invitation, but it is when she sits down and opens her legs wide that we see the treat to come.Lucia's vagina opens up all by itself, so that when she exposes her ample but firm breasts with their large puffy nipples, we see a moist pink hole. And when she reaches down and actually pulls herself open... yummy! She has a great smile and an alluring and sexy face, but I gotta tell you — the big hole, the wide open omanko, the gaping wide cunt is what attracts my attention the most. Soft and fleshy, it responds well to four-finger stretches and also to simple labial pulls. Her labia majora and labia minora make way for a rippling hole that demands attention.And Lucia gives it the attention it deserves with a shiny red jelly dildo, slowly inserted and slowly withdrawn, so that the gaping pullouts are ample, wet, and wide. She enjoys teasing herself (and us!) and as she relaxes, the gapes just get bigger and bigger. The insertions stay slow, but the pullouts get a bit faster, and you can hear the pop of the dildo pulling out of her vagina.There are lots of full-body shots, and lots of intimate closeups, but her big naturally-gaping hole is there all the time.The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: SLOW PENETRATION - June 11, 2016.