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Inside Elisa


When ask our models do a speculum masturbation scene, we want them to show you what we know you want; spread legs, a wide open cunt, and well-lit shots of the inside of their vaginas while they twitch with pleasure. And in her purple top and fishnet stockings, lovely Elisa tries, she really tries... but she's really turned on from the very start, as she fucks herself with the speculum and massages her clitoris. So when she presses the vibrator to her clit, she writhes, her back arching with pleasure and her eyes closing as she moans and twitches. She tries to keep her legs and cunt open for us, but the pleasure gets too intense, and she loses control and crushes the speculum closed with her powerful vaginal contractions. We know some models can fake an orgasm, but there is no mistaking the real pleasure that Elisa is feeling! You can't fake that sexual flush or those contractions. We give Elisa an A for effort, a B for beautiful, and a C for cunt-tractions, and after seeing the final closeups, we think you'll agree :-)The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: INSIDE ELISA - December 15, 2015.