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Self exploring


In the old days, if a girl wanted to see what she looked like down below (as they used to call it), she'd get a mirror and a bright light, and maybe take a peek. Thanks to modern technology (and perverts like us). girls like Timea don't need to self explore in embarrassed solitude–they get to get a good clear look with an audience cheering her on!Timea gets to look at her nipples and breasts, and then explores the outside and inside of her pussy, as she slides our special camera into her wet vagina and probes back and forth. She doesn't go in deep very often, but we do get some very nice views of her wet and sticky vagina opening in front of and closing behind the camera. We are happy to be part of Timea's voyage of self discovery (and let's be honest, we're also happy to look inside her pussy).The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: SELF EXPLORING - January 14, 2016.