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From a distance, foxy Ani Blackfox looks like she's wearing a schoolgirl uniform, with a dress, stockings, and Mary-Jane shoes. But up closer you see that the dress is designed to be opened (revealing her big breasts), her stockings are fishnets, and her shoes are black fuck-me pumps. Ani is a thicker girl who loves to twist her nipples and slide her fingers around her slippery wet, smooth shaved snatch. She starts with a lot of teasing, lying on her side, pulling her negligible panties aside, but then she gets down to business and lies back, strips off her panties, and starts playing in earnest, pulling on her ample lips and noisily fingering her hole, stopping occasionally to lick her own juices. She innocently asks us do you want to see my pussy from the inside, and then gives us a smoking hot slutty look as she stretches herself open with four fingers, gaping her cunt and her prominent peehole. She (and us too) have a lot of fun stroking and stretching, before she turns around and pulls on the cheeks of her beautiful big caboose and gapes her vagina from the rear. Her asshole is tight, her vagina opened wide, and when she stretches, her peehole really opens up wide!The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: RUSSIAN FOX - February 25, 2016.