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Gorgeous Ivy Wolf is sitting reading, her slender figure so charming clad in khaki shorts and an off the shoulder sweater. She wears no bra, her perky nipples protruding through the thin wool of her top. She looks up and smiles from beneath her blonde bangs, puts down her book and turns to face you. Twirling her hair around her fingers, she slowly spreads her legs, pulling her sweater open one button at a time until she's topless, sweet titties free, nipples revealed, erect and aroused. Getting into her groove, she stands and rocks her hips, tugging her shorts and panties down as she gyrates. She sits in her chair, legs open, a cute circle of pubic hair sitting above her shaved slit. She licks a finger, delves between her pussy lips and wets her clit. Turned on, she lies back with her feet in the air and slides two fingers into her hot pussy, chasing her orgasm, so horny.