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Katarina&039;s selfie


When most people take a selfie, they either hold their camera at arms length, or they use a selfie-stick. Here at PJ girls, we use both techniques, with a slight notification. We ask out models to hold the camera at arms length and selfie stick it in their vagina. We think it is a definite improvement!Katarina is in this video three times—we see her in the main scree, we see the view from the endoscope picture-in-picture, and we see the laptop showing the inset, so we can see that Katarina can watch herself, too. So when she suqeezes her breast, we see her seeing her breast with her own eyes and the camera's eyes. But when she gently inserts the camera into her wet vagina, we know that without the camera, she can only feel it, but now she can see it, too! That makes the view of her milky-white naturally lubricated vagina opening up for the camera even more interesting... there's a kind of visual and sensual feedback loop...A spread-legged woman with a shaved pussy and a dildo inside, but we can see what the dildo sees and we see her inserting it. You know that Katarina has a tight pussy, but it is very wet and lubricated. Most women's vaginas open up more when they are on all fours, and Katarina is no exception. When she gets some help with the endoscope, her cervix is the object of our focus, and when she rubs her clit with the vibrator, the inside of her cunt gets a lot more active!The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: KATARINA'S SELFIE - March 10, 2016.