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Alexis Ellis at the Beach


Down on the beach in a skimpy little bikini thong and a top that was never meant to conceal anything Is our beautiful ebony muscle babe Alexis EllisThe tassels on her top and her long curly hair are blowing around in the fresh sea breeze as she kneels on the damp sand with the steely blue ocean behind her. Her hands stretch up behind her head and pulling her first pose she looks like her beautiful ebony muscle bound body has been sculpted in pure bronze. The sun glints off her oiled body and catches on the beads in her open weave top and also her nipple rings, making them sparkle like little jewels as she slowly moves her sensuous body.Her camera man is obviously one very talented individual, managing to capture every ripped ebony muscle in all their glory but also highlighting her very sensual, womanly curves and sexy figure.Moving on to more poses she turns her back to us now and tenses are of those big powerful ebony muscles in her shoulders and back. Her back splits in two as the muscles literally bulge outwards, the deep line travelling all the way down her back, finishing at that fantastic ass. This girl has a seriously nice butt and she knows it! Standing up she stick it out towards the camera and playfully pulls out the straps of her skimpy little bikini thong, teasingly rolling them down over her juicy pert ass, right down over her cheeks and part the way down her sexy long muscly thighs.Turning back to face the camera now she pulls up her top and sets her lovely tits free, and what a pair of stunning tits they are, hard and firm and with big juicy pierced nipples that stand proud.