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Alexis Ellis Hot Tight Muscle


For those of you who have already met the black muscle babe Alexis Ellis then you will know that her outfit is actually quite conservative for her, and for those of you who have yet to encounter the sheer muscle and womanly curves of Alexis Ellis, then let me tell you, you are in for a real treat!She walks into the studio and stands before a bright pink background, her black stripy bikini, made from some sort of shimmery wet look material glistens in the bright light of the studio, as too does her oiled skin which takes on a radiant glow of its own. Her bikini bottoms are so low cut that they barely conceal that that she holds so dear, her beautiful pierced pussy, but that is not on show today. Today’s show is all about the muscle!Her moves are very slow and deliberate today and the black muscle babe puts on a show for devotees of muscle. She tenses each part of her body in turn, from her sexy long legs up to her stomach and then her arms as she demonstrates the sheer raw power behind the beauty.She turns her back to us to show her upper body strength from behind, she pulls at her bikini bottoms, rolling them down over her juicy butt cheeks which is the only part of her body not to have huge rippling muscles, but as she does so she clenches her muscles tight, the veins in her arms standing proud from the strain. Her back splits in two as the black muscle babe pushes back her shoulders and squeezes those muscles tightly in what can only be described as a spectacular performance.Alexis Ellis has so much more to show, including the parts she has kept concealed throughout this fantastic shoot. You can check out the full video plus many more over in the member’s area now.