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Alexis Ellis Jerking some Iron


If you have ever wondered how black body builder Alexis Ellis maintains her stunning physique, then wonder no more as she shares a video with us where she works out.Her amazing body is clad in a bright red bikini that ties at the sides of both the panties and bra and she looks simply sensational in the studio setting with the bright lights enhancing her black skin that has obviously been recently oiled as it glistens seductively.In this brilliant video she starts by lifting some dumb bells, as she does her biceps and triceps flex into their sensational full form, the power and strength in her upper body is plain for all to see. This is obviously something that Alexis, being a black body builder, is used too, but for us to share it with her really helps us to appreciate her fine form.She turns around and offers us some great poses with her arms above her head, giving us a brilliant view of her tight, well-formed muscles.She then starts to strip for us, using the movements taken to release the bows on her bikini to strike more sensational poses. She undoes the bra top and allows it to fall, revealing a micro bikini that lays across her large firm round breasts and just about covers her nipples.Her hands then head south and pull at the bows holding her bikini bottoms on. The pink fabric fall away and again, her modesty is covered by a pair of the tiniest micro bikini bottoms that just about cover her pussy and then dissect her muscular yet feminine ass cheeks.Without a doubt, Alexis Ellis is one stunning black body builder. Her body leaves us in awe and the glimpse at her work out leaves us with no doubt that she works hard to look this good.