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Brandi Mae and her sexy ripped muscle


Meet Brandi Mae, she is big, she is beautiful and has a sumptuous body that is absolutely bulging with sexy ripped muscle!Sat on top of all that sexy ripped muscle is a beautiful face with strong features, all framed by her long brunette hair held up loosely at the back in a ponytail, leaving strands hanging down towards her shoulders. Her big brown eyes stare straight into the camera as she does her sexy ripped muscle dance and on that face is a rather seductive smile that lets you know that not only does this girl mean business, but she also enjoys what she is doing, displaying all of that sexy ripped muscle in her alluring and provocative way.With the music playing in the background she slowly sways her body in time to the beat and at the same time she tenses all of those big and beautiful muscles. There is plenty of flesh on show, thanks to the little blue all in one bikini and Brandi Mae uses this to her full advantage. With one finger leading the way, she runs her hand up and down her tight sun kissed body, paying extra special attention to her tits and between her legs.The camera pans back up now to give an upper body shot as Brandi Mae works out those sexy ripped muscles in her arms and with each pump her biceps swell an enormous amount, like two big bulging rocks protruding up from the sea and you can tell just by looking that these muscles also have the same consistency as rock, strong, solid and rock hard.Brandi turns around now showing her back as she pulls more poses and yet again we are delighted with yet more sexy ripped muscle. Her back dissects in two, with ridges and craters around the powerful shoulder area and as we move down we see that she has a beautiful ass, certainly not big but also not totally muscle bound like the rest of her body, just firm and peachy with just the slightest of wobbles when she moves her body.But this sexy ripped muscle is not all that Brandi Mae wants to share with us. She slides her bikini to the sides revealing her lovely big tits with their big juicy pierces nipples, tits that she can make move on their own just by squeezing her pectoral muscles, but there is still more. She runs her fingers down the straps of her biking and forces to skimpy fabric down so that we get to see her beautiful shaved pussy and engorged clit.