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Brigita Brezovac puts on a show


She is blonde, she is beautiful, she is Brigita Brezovac and she has a stunning body made out of pure ripped muscle. In this fantastic photo shoot she sits on a bench in a grey camouflage bikini and the strong studio lights against the bright pink backdrop really help to highlight and define each and every ripped muscle.Although this babe has very powerful legs and thighs, today her show is all about her upper body. Her beautiful flawless bronzed skin gives out a radiant glow due to the oil she has applied prei=viouly and on her face is a look of pure content. This is a girl who is more than happy with her body, and why shouldn’t she be, I can guarantee that is has taken many years, hours upon hours in the gym and some seriously hard work to get it looking this good.As she stretches upwards with her arms, her stomach muscles, already firm, contract even more to the extent that if you were to reach out and touch it now it would feel as hard as granite. The heavy dumbbells in her hands glide effortlessly into the air as she pumps those strong powerful arms up and down. Her muscle is displayed at its best when she lifts with her arms straight. As she reaches for the sky those ripped muscles bulge as if they have a life of their own and they are trying to break free. Her deltoids, biceps and triceps all expand outwards as she lifts those heavy weights.It is very unusual for a female bodybuilder to gain such well-defined and ripped muscle whilst still retaining a womanly shape but Brigita Brezovac has managed this to perfection, she even has big firm muscles in her chest but that does not detract at all from her big beautiful breasts.If you want to see more of Brigita Brezovac and her seriously ripped muscle, join us in the member’s area where there is so much more to see.