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Elegant Lady II


Lovely Celine Noiret shows us why sometimes, you just want a MILF. The reason? A MILF knows she's hot, loves that her cunt is big, and loves to share it with you. She starts looking elegant in a red top, pink bustier and black stockings and heels. But because she wants to share, there are no panties blocking the view as she quickly squats, spreads, and gapes wide open (her landing-strip pubes pointing the way to her shaved open hole, just in case you didn't already know where to look :-) And you can tell that Celine really enjoys showing us her wide open vagina, as she alternately finger fucks her cunt (lovely wet sound effects) and stretches it hard open for us (you can hear her sucking air), with some beautiful wide four-finger stretches. Celine loves her cunt, and loves opening it for us to look deep inside her, so she also does some amazing thumb-stretches while bearing down, and all we can say is wow. She even sucks on a cigarette with her vaginal muscles!