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Zara Jay


Zara Jay is a rare natural gaper. If she simply spreads her legs it starts all by itself... and when she stretches with her hands, wow... a hole almost big enough to hold a billiard ball. So naturally, she does this scene on a billiard table, starting in a slink dress, and shortly thereafter giving us the show we want, starting with a front tease showing us her beautiful small breasts and her landing-strip adorned pussy, then a rear show featuring her beautiful butt, some cue-stick play, and culminating with (yes!) that big yawning gape, that wide open vagina, that cock-swallowing cavernous cunt hole. And the way she works her muscles is mesmerizing–it looks like her cunt and ass could be talking to you.The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: ZARA JAY - January 21, 2015.