Sweet Iris


Iris strips off her sheer silk top to reveal pale skin and firm breasts, then peels off her skirt and purple panties to show us her pussy (first with a panty pull-aside, and then stark naked and on display. The spreads she starts with are pretty nice, but when she gets naked and kneels and spreads, that you realize that although Iris doesn't have a big cunt, she is willing to work really hard to open what she has. She points it right at us, and s.t.r.e.t.c.h.e.s herself open so that she is as open as possible, and then wiggles her cute little butt to show us every angle. It is really hot because she is so enthusiastic about making herself gape - with her tits hanging down she sucks air and really opens up her vagina for us. Lots of wide shots and close-ups as she queefs for us. Then its onto her side and finally into squat with more enthusiastic gaoes, pulling herself open as hard as she can, and bearing down so that her cunt moves in and out. Very hot stuff to see a beautiful young girl work so hard at showing us exactly what we want!The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: SWEET IRIS - March 8, 2015.