Insatiable squirter


I have commented before on how natural Rita is, and this video is no exception. Displaying her pussy is just as normal as showing her smile, so when our cameraman asks for a squirting show, of course!Rita starts in a blue sweater top with no bottoms, drinking some water. She plants herself in a white bucket-chair, leans back and spreads her meaty pussy wide open, pulling at her long elastic labia in many different ways, showing us lots of gapes. Then off comes the top and in goes the clear plastic speculum for an inside view of her perfect cervix. But since nudity is as natural as breathing, Rita fucks herself with the speculum (both before and after that wide-open view to the bottom of her pink hole).The vibrator gives her her first orgasm with the speculum inside, but she pushes it out with her squirt. Its wonderful to watch her face get redder and redder until she cums. Orgasm number two is with the speculum back inside, and in closeup, so we get to watch her juices pooling as her cervix moves in climax. We are then treated to some massive finger-gapes :-)Orgasm number three is au naturale, nothing but a naked Rita, legs spread wide, relaxed and open, with the Hitachi. It is hard to describe this, but it is almost as if she is not giving us a show but rather we get to watch what she does naturally. And it is a delight to watch as she moans, her face turns red, and she just... lets go. Of course she squirts, but there is something about how completely relaxed and open and unashamed she is. Its just natural... and completely mesmerizing.