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Muscle bound babe Alexis Ellis


With a beautiful backdrop of deep blue sky and ocean and birds flying overhead, Alexis Ellis stands on the crisp white sands of the abandoned beach in a sexy red micro bikini thong and matching see-through lace top. Her beautiful flawless pale brown skin catches the light and glimmers in the suns glow as she strikes her first pose. For anyone who has not seen this muscle bound babe before, Alexis Ellis presents some seriously ripped muscle whilst still retaining her womanly charm and figure. This combines with a pretty face and a smile that can melt hearts, makes for a stunning and unique look. For those of you who already know Alexis Ellis, you already know exactly what I mean, then this is definitely a shoot that you will not want to miss.Her jewellery glints in the bright summer’s sunshine as she runs her hands all over her magnificent muscle bound body. Her nipples swell with arousal as her hands move up to cup them, rubbing her thumbs over her pierced nipples beneath the mesh fabric that is leaving nothing to the imagination.She strokes her body up and down in slow movements, following her womanly curves down from her ample chest, past her curvaceous hips and right the way down her long slender legs, each stroke rubbing the oil deeper into her glistening radiant skin.She teasingly lifts her top, almost setting her beautiful firm tits free but then changing her mind and letting the edge of the lace just touch her hard nipples and one nipple ring just peeking out from beneath. Her attention now moves down to her thong. She stretches the straps back and forth, rolling the skimpy material down over her beautiful ass cheeks and then back up again. The fabric hardly covering anything at all but still managing to make you hunger for her beautiful bussy she is keeping well hidden beneath.