Pretty muscle babe in a summer dress Abby Marie


We are back again with the beautiful muscle babe Abby Marie. This blonde bombshell is one of the favourites on the Model Muscles site with all of our members. She is a real blonde bombshell and has some features that are sure to thrill.For this video shoot, Abby is playing the cute girl, all pretty and sweet. She wears a lovely summer dress that whilst being short is still decent, that is a pastel green in color but is set off with a bright pink bow. To enhance the cute image Abby Marie has her sleek and sexy blonde hair in a pair of girly pig tails. She really looks amazing, but with her muscles still on view, she looks the kind of muscle babe not to be messed with.Her first act of the video shoot is to lift up her skirt at the back. Now if you have seen Abby Marie before, you will know she has one of the hottest asses on the whole of the Model Muscles site, and this is once again confirmed here, it could be the ass of any teen star, but instead it belongs to a true muscle queen.A few more poses follow with the juxtaposition of the cute pig tailed sweetheart with the muscle babe making this a very engaging and interesting shoot. It is amazing to think that here is a girl who in one second can look like the cutest, most innocent little thing, with her pretty dress and sweet pig tails, yet seconds later, a flex of her arms will show you that she is strong and powerful and not to be trifled with.This really is a spectacular video shoot that should be enjoyed by all, we are treated to an awesome model who whilst being in the prime of her physical model babe peak can still look cute and sexy at the same time.