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Larissa Reis in Erotic Dance


Blond bombshell and muscle model Larissa Reis puts on a stunning show of pure muscle as she carries out her sexy and alluring erotic dance for the camera.In this video Larissa Reis stands in the bedroom of her luxury apartment dressed in a little white top the shortest of mini-skirts as she sways her booty to the music. She gazes into the camera with a serious pout on her luscious pink lips and her long blond hair falling down her back as she hips sways from side to side.She reaches up with her arms locked behind her head, her top rises up just giving as a glimpse of those perfectly firm tits she is hiding beneath, as she turns to the camera we can see that right breast is decorated with a lovely tattoo. As the ambient light of the room casts it glance upon her beautiful body her well-oiled abdominal region takes on a glow of its own, each muscle clearly defined as she writhes from side to side.Her hands move down to her skirt, taking a thumb from each hand she inserts them into the waistband and pulls downward. Her movements are getting more exaggerated now and her leg muscles ripple as her erotic dance picks up pace.Time to show off that fantastic ass of hers now! The sumptuous Larissa Reis turns her back to the camera and forces out her butt as she gyrates her hips. Those perfect big ass cheeks are the perfect finish to her long muscle bound legs which are filled with sheer power and as she bends forward we get a flash of her sexy purple silky panties. And next is the pure muscle show, almost as if she is performing at competition she raises her arms in the typical poses and tenses every muscle in her tightly toned body. Her biceps bulge and ripple as she pumps her arms in time to the music and yet she manages to carry this out in a very sensuous and sexual way.Larissa Reis is definitely one very sexy muscle clad woman!