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Wet Ecstasy


Sweet Cat starts in the tub, cleaning up her B-cup boobies and her completely shaved puss. And once she's clean, she gets down and dirty, lying on a wicker chaise with a mini-Hitachi doing all the work on her clit. And you can tell that it really hits the spot, as you watch her labia open up and a stream of girl-cum shoots out. But Cat's not done! She doesn't stop diddling her clit, and moans and cries with pleasure until, trembling with ecstasy, she switches over to fucking her wet and wide vagina with a purple dildo (equal time for inside and outside of her pussy). And of course, if one toy is good, two toys are better, and she fills herself inside with the dildo and buzzes her clit on the outside with the Hitachi. And of course, that leads to more moaning, crying and writhing, and another shuddering orgasm. Sweet Cat finishes off her show with a pretty post-orgasmic gape, her vagina still twitching with pleasure.