Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia: CBT


Today is this slave’s best day ever! He is in the dungeon with Mistress Jean Bardot and Ms. Lydia Supremacy. They intend to free him of his “manhood” once and for all. There will be no doubt after today that this slave is no longer a man. He is whatever Jean and Lydia say he is. No more and no less. The fun starts with the slave on his knees and his cock and balls tied up with rope. Lydia and Jean begin using their riding crops to torture their bitch. The slave cries out in agony as they hit his exposed cock and balls and dig their sharp, claw like, nails into his privates. Eventually they stand up their slave and bind his hands above his head as their torture continues. Today’s pain and punishment is just getting started unfortunately for this pathetic slave!