Exposed Princess


This girl is so unique in so many ways. Not only does she have a great omanko, but she knows how to present it to us. She has such pale skin in a world saturated by tanned, bronze looking models. Not that it is a bad thing, but Angel Princess is a hottie without seeing a lot of sun. I haven't even mentioned her tits yet, but wow, what the hell. As far as I can tell, those cannons are completely natural, too. All men are either ass or titty men (I am speaking to 'pussy fetish' men/ women, I know), and if you are a titty man, than Angel is probably one of your favorite models on this site. For such an innocent looking girl, we really dig into her naught side, and scrutinize every inch of her flesh. This is classic PJGirls, and top notch quality. Need I say more?The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: EXPOSED PRINCESS - January 31, 2019.